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With today’s cutting edge technology and ever evolving social media websites it is imperative that web designers stay abreast. The internet has a vast array of website design tools to aide in web designing and development . These resources are available in both free and commercial format. A skilled web designer will reference and utilize as many of these tools as possible when creating websites for clients. I will be posting links for beginners as well as seasoned web designers and welcome your suggestions.


W3schools is an information website for web developers. It is one of the oldest and most popular web development tutorial sites on the web. Founded in 1999 it offers free HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP , SQL and many other user friendly, easy to understand tutorials. I personally use this site frequently for referencing and learning good code practice. W3schools is a must have on your list of web design resources.

Web Design Blog Directory

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine was founded in 2006. An online magazine for professional web designers and developers it provides valuable information andĀ  useful resources for the web design community. Follow this magazine daily to get the latest on coding, design, css and much more.


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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to more posts.

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