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Vacation Villa Benefits From A Website

Small Business Sees 50% Increase In Rental Bookings

Heidi’s Hacienda, a vacation rental villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a perfect example of a small business success story with the help of a website. It has seen a 50% increase in room rentals since making the decision to have a website created for their business.

Rainydaywebdesigns built an affordable website for the business, along with a complimentary blog . It then search engine optimized it for google and other leading search engines and marketed it to the appropriate customers,  all at a very affordable, realistic price. Contact us at rainydaywebdesign and see how your business can also profit from a website.

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Affordable Small Business Web Design Pays Off

Website Design For Small Business

A website for your business is much more affordable than you think and can increase your business exposure tenfold. Take for example Heidi’s Haceinda in Puerto Vallarta, she is seeing a substantial increase in bookings at her villa since investing in a website that included a complimentary blog in her website design package Use the form below to inquire how we can help you increase your business exposure as well.



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Musicians and Artists Wrapping Up Celtic Colours Festival

Celtic Colours Festival Wraps Up

Congratulations to all the wonderful musicians, artists, technicians, volunteers and  all the behind the scenes folks who make it work. Another successful Celtic Colours Festival is winding down but not before The Chieftains play Centre 200 Saturday night at 7:30 and celebrate their 50th anniversary tour.  If any of you are thinking that you might want a website to showcase your talent or perhaps you want an existing website re-designed, we can help. We focus on creating websites that are within your budget. We welcome your questions or comments.

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The Path To A Successful Landing Page.

Landing Page Conversions // On Page SEO // Search Engine Optimization

Any successful web designer will tell you that a good landing page is the key to winning new clients & increasing sales. You may ask what is the difference between a landing page and a home page? A home page is the main index page of your website that tells a customer about your product or service and it has links to other pages within your website. A landing page is specific in that it’s key purpose is to convince your potential customer that they should buy from you or in the very least sign up for your newsletter or promotional event.

Think of it as a giant advertising billboard that effectively conveys your sales pitch all within one page. The first step to a successful landing page is to ensure it is keyword optimized so that it ranks high in searches engines. On page seo with specific targeted keywords will help rank you in the top.  Some resources to help you find keywords are google keywords and Wordtracker.

Check out Formstacks article “The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page” for an example of what a good landing page should look like.  As you can see the landing page has keywords in headings, titles, paragraphs, and body content strategically placed throughout the page in specific format. They also give you tips on what colors are best to use. Whichever approach you take, the main goal is to convince the visitor that they should buy from you or sign up for a newsletter or other promotional material.

Seth Godin who is considered America’s greatest marketer first talked about landing pages way back as early as 1991. Seth says a landing page needs to do the following:

  • Get a visitor to click (to go to another page, on your site or someone else’s)
  • Get a visitor to buy
  • Get a visitor to give permission for you to follow up (by email, phone, etc.). This includes registration of course.
  • Get a visitor to tell a friend
  • (and the more subtle) Get a visitor to learn something, which could even include posting a comment or giving you some sort of feedback

Your landing page should be written in such a way that it makes the customer feel comfortable and that they enjoyed visiting your website. This way, even if they don’t make a purchase they are more likely to return to your site and remember your product or service thereby increasing brand awareness. Don’t confuse the visitor with a lot of unnecessary jargon,  be specific and focus on no more than 2 things. The main focus is your product or service offer,  and should that fail, a second offer to keep them interested such as a free ebook related to your product or business . By offering something free you are passively building a potential client email list for future target marketing campaigns.

Make sure that when a potential customer visits your landing page they know immediately what you’re offering.  Consumers today lead very busy lives & will not take extra time to sift through your landing page looking for the information they want. Have a clear, concise, keyword heading that indicates how they can benefit from your product or service. Follow that up with researched keyword body text that continues to showcase how your potential customer will benefit if they take a certain action.

In the world of marketing this is called CTA or Call To Action, you are calling (convincing) a visitor to take(consider) your information and act (buy) on it. Use BIG, BOLD , COLORFUL text with an easy to find link to make it clear what you are offering.

Check out this article at Unbounce where James Garner analyzes 15 landing pages for conversions and gives you the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly on each one.

You also need to build trust with your visitor. For any sale to happen your visitor needs to be assured that your site is one that is secure and can be trusted. Place photos of padlocks that indicate security near the end of the page as well as testimonials from long-standing,  authority websites.  Include credit card logos ensuring safe, secure shopping use testimonials from other customers.  Provide clear, detailed contact information such as address and phone number or live chat.

Once you’ve completed your optimized landing page you will now need to test it to see if there is an increase in your conversion rate. Compare all of your new data to existing data and make changes if necessary.

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Web Design Resources

Resources – Web Design – Web Development

With today’s cutting edge technology and ever evolving social media websites it is imperative that web designers stay abreast. The internet has a vast array of website design tools to aide in web designing and development . These resources are available in both free and commercial format. A skilled web designer will reference and utilize as many of these tools as possible when creating websites for clients. I will be posting links for beginners as well as seasoned web designers and welcome your suggestions.


W3schools is an information website for web developers. It is one of the oldest and most popular web development tutorial sites on the web. Founded in 1999 it offers free HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP , SQL and many other user friendly, easy to understand tutorials. I personally use this site frequently for referencing and learning good code practice. W3schools is a must have on your list of web design resources.

Web Design Blog Directory

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine was founded in 2006. An online magazine for professional web designers and developers it provides valuable information and  useful resources for the web design community. Follow this magazine daily to get the latest on coding, design, css and much more.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

Here are 5 reasons why you need a professionally designed website for your business.

I cannot think of one retailer who does not need a website.  If you are a business owner you need a presence on the internet. It’s where your potential customers look to find the product or service they require. Many consumers look to the internet before purchasing a product or service and having a website is an opportunity to display a good impression on a potential customer.

1. A well designed website acts as your 24/7 salesperson. Unlike a conventional brick and mortar business, an online business is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

2. The internet levels the playing field when it comes to doing business online. Your company can be as small as a one person show yet a professionally designed website can allow you to compete with big corporations if you make that first good impression with a well designed website by an experienced web developer.

3. A professionally designed website is an affordable marketing and promotional tool. A basic website is cheaper than advertising in your local yellow pages or business directories.

4.  Would you ever consider NOT having a business card for your business?  Not having a website for your business is basically the same. 9 out of 10 people use the internet to  research potential clients and compare similar businesses before making a purchase or hiring a service. If you don t have a website you miss that potential client as well as appear less established.

5.  A well designed website Continue reading


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